Buses and coaches for cleaner mobility!

Buses and coaches are the cleanest and most carbon-efficient mode of travel. Let’s not keep this a secret anymore!

Environmental champions

Emmissions Graph
World Tourism Organisation (WTO)’s Conference on environmentally friendly travelling in Europe, 2006

Encouraging people to travel collectively by bus and coach can help reduce our negative impact on the environment considerably. According to the American Union of Concerned Scientists, when travelling by bus or coach, your carbon footprint is the smallest of all transport modes.

UK data shows that coaches emit 0.03kg of CO2 per passenger-kilometre. This is half that of trains and radically smaller than the amount emitted by cars (0.11) and airplanes (0.18).

A passenger journey from London to Blackpool (385km) in the UK will emit 11kg CO2 if done by coach, 23-25kg if done by train, 44kg if done by car and 68kg if done by air. If every bus in the UK took just one more car driver as a passenger, up to 1.2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year could be saved.

In assocation with the CPT UK